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Marie’s journey of self-awareness,healing transformed her life from sickness to health and freedom. The completion of a gruelling mountain challenge confirmed her transformation, she never thought it possible. She wanted people to have similar life transformations and freedom, so began Marie Martin Coaching! Marie is not a healer, she facilitates and demonstrates tools to learn how to heal yourself. Marie Martin B.Msc. Certificates include: Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysics, Master NLP Practitioner.Certified Communications Specialist, Regression Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches Enhanced Skill Practitioner, HeartMath, Ho’oponopono Practitioner, CBT Counselling, Divine BluePrint Numerology and continues studying daily.

We cannot GIVE what we do not HAVE!
Lets’ start with HAVING a strong belief in yourself, then you can HAVE and gift belief in others.
Together we can bring an awareness of your Belief Systems and how they affect your life. How they were created, which ones to keep, and which ones to let go of! We will transmute the beliefs in all six bodies, dissolve the entanglement, and reframe them into something helpful instead: A belief in yourself that will propel you forward instead of holding you back. It sounds complicated but it’s not, it is easy, fun and it is different every time! I never know quite what to expect. Some beliefs are brought forward from our perceptions of the world, other beliefs are passed down from our parents and grandparents through 7 generations.

When we heal for ourselves, we heal all 7 generations; past, present and future!