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I heard something when I was about 12 that really stuck with me: “Health is your #1 priority because without it nothing else matters”. I didn’t totally get it until later in life when I saw how people drop everything in their lives when diagnosed with a serious illness, have a heart attack or other near-death experience. 

Another big realization, during a conference the presenter explained “statistics show 1 in 3 will have (this) happen to them in their life” and then asked us all to look at the person directly to our right and left and recognize that 1 of us 3 would experience that, then asked “will it be You or one of them?”. THAT was a wake-up call! It’s strange how we’re programmed to think it won’t happen to us, yet statistics show the odds are against us.  I decided to STOP taking my health for granted and START making healthy choices. I created The Best Health Now to share products and tips that help me improve my health and quality of life and because I’m so grateful they were shared with me, I’m sharing them with you so you too can Live Your Best Life!