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Friday, June 21

11:00am PDT

The 4 Spiritual Laws Of Money ~ For Entrepreneurs
Limited Capacity filling up

In this uplifting workshop you will learn the 4 Spiritual Laws of Money so you can create an income doing what you love and love your life.
~ For Entrepreneurs
(bring a notebook and pen)

avatar for Steven Chambers

Steven Chambers

Steve is a holistic business coach.Steve's passion is spotting the potential in clients and guiding to them achieve their financial and life goals.He is one of the head coaches and brand manager of Canada's fastest growing business academy.He also transforms the lives of his one on... Read More →

Friday June 21, 2019 11:00am - 12:00pm PDT
Hearthstone Location: Hearthstone Hotel - Morrisey Conference Room

12:30pm PDT

Be Your Own Healthcare Advocate
Limited Capacity seats available

You are not alone when you may experience uncertainty, frustration and at times helplessness.
Time to take action with a check list to take action to create your own healthcare file.

This information is offered to empower you at a time when u may feel most vulnerable.

avatar for Cristina Daws

Cristina Daws

Criatina has been a practicing RN for 15 years serving chronically ill, palliative and geriatric clients and their families.  Known for her nurturing, kind and realistic way of being Cristina honours those that she is able to collaborate with.  A healer at heart with her Reiki level... Read More →

Friday June 21, 2019 12:30pm - 1:30pm PDT
Hearthstone Location: Hearthstone Hotel - Morrisey Conference Room

2:00pm PDT

The Emotion Sugar Connection
Limited Capacity filling up

From childhood, we're taught to push down our negative emotions. We're not taught how to sit with these emotions and honour them.

So what do we do?

We learn the pattern of finding the quickest way out of these negative emotions and often end up reaching for SUGAR! In this workshop we'll dive deep into understanding the link between emotional health and your relationship with sugar. Get ready to open up your mind and leave feeling inspired and excited to start making big shifts in the way your nourish your body and mind.

avatar for Danielle Daem

Danielle Daem

Dani is a Sugar Freedom Coach who is passionate about helping women reshape their relationship with sugar so they can reclaim control over their health and energy once and for all! Having struggled with sugar addiction herself, she knows exactly how difficult and overwhelming the... Read More →

Friday June 21, 2019 2:00pm - 3:00pm PDT
Hearthstone Location: Hearthstone Hotel - Morrisey Conference Room

3:30pm PDT

Shamanic Dog Training
Limited Capacity seats available

Shamanic dog training is a change of pace, a breath of fresh air and new way of approaching your life with your beloved dog. Receive tools and ideas that you can use immediately to change your life with your dog and deepen your friendship and bond forever. This is a “human-only” event. Please no pups ♡

avatar for Tamryn Fudge

Tamryn Fudge

Infinite Dog Shamanic Dog Training
Find Tamryn at the outdoor market to talk dogs! Do you have questions about your dog? Would you like to hear how a new approach might make the difference you have been hoping for? Claim your complimentary shamanic dog training session, get a shamanic reading with your dog and shop... Read More →

Friday June 21, 2019 3:30pm - 4:30pm PDT
Hearthstone Location: Hearthstone Hotel - Morrisey Conference Room
Saturday, June 22

8:00am PDT

Embrace Your Potential
Limited Capacity filling up

In order for you to embrace your potential it is imperative to understand who you are. Understanding your experiences from a deeper perspective is your key to unlocking your potential.

Steven will share with you why you experience resistance in making the life changes that you would consciously prefer. You will learn three ways to make the subtle shifts necessary to transform that resistance to support you in experiencing your conscious wishes and desires.

avatar for Steven Banks

Steven Banks

Steven Banks is a fully certified PSYCH-K belief change facilitator. He works with people to liberate themselves from fear, stress, anxiety and limiting patterns of behavior that may be holding them back. Since 2012 Steven’s life has been directed by the idea of personal empowerment... Read More →

Saturday June 22, 2019 8:00am - 9:00am PDT
Hearthstone Location: Hearthstone Hotel - Morrisey Conference Room

9:30am PDT

Up-Level Your Life
Limited Capacity seats available

If you are a woman in business or aspiring to be one this is your opportunity to:
- Learn how to make decisions using your gut feeling and trust them
- Identify the exact next steps to break old habits and move into a more empowered life where you can make money doing what you love
- Leave with a renewed sense of energy and passion for your life and the ultimate stress relieving tools

avatar for Brittany Erdman

Brittany Erdman

Brittany Erdman has more than 7 years experience in the health and wellness industry and thrives on empowering women to embody their purpose and make more money doing what they love. In order to live in alignment with her own purpose Brittany has moved provinces, left her career as... Read More →

Saturday June 22, 2019 9:30am - 10:30am PDT
Hearthstone Location: Hearthstone Hotel - Morrisey Conference Room

11:00am PDT

Befriending the Masculine
Limited Capacity seats available

If you're suppressing your masculine energy, it can have devastating effects on your health, wealth, and ability to show up in the world as your authentic self.

The masculine and feminine are meant to work together, but through the distortions of society, prejudice, and sometimes personal trauma, we've come to fear the masculine.

In this talk, I'll point out the five signs that you are suppressing your masculine side, and give you an exercise to access the masculine and bring it back to consciousness.

Learn to experience the masculine as it was always meant to be, a loving support for the feminine to thrive!

avatar for Bonita Summers

Bonita Summers

Spirit Kelowna
Speaker: Bonita Summers  A psychic life and business coach offering strategies to address issues in the workplace and personal relationships.As a former crisis worker, Bonita provides support for stress, and techniques for overcoming anxiety. Bonita has 25 years of experience as... Read More →

Saturday June 22, 2019 11:00am - 12:00pm PDT
Hearthstone Location: Hearthstone Hotel - Morrisey Conference Room

1:30pm PDT

Navigating the Darkness
Limited Capacity seats available

There are times in life when the "darker" experiences seem to engulf us.

When that happens, how can we remain positive and focused? Is it alright to temporarily throw in the towel, and how do we move beyond our judgements and resistance in order to find ourselves once again?

Together we shall explore what we need to do and be in those moments that appear very bleak, trusting in the Universe and its process to see us through.

avatar for Cecilia de Groot

Cecilia de Groot

Cecilia is an Intuitive Empowerment Guide. She has spent her entire life observing and loving humanity, every day offering her love and guidance to those seeking it. Her only wish is for everyone to reconnect with Self and experience joy to its fullest expression. 

Saturday June 22, 2019 1:30pm - 2:30pm PDT
Hearthstone Location: Hearthstone Hotel - Morrisey Conference Room

3:00pm PDT

Understanding Your Hormones
Limited Capacity filling up

Learn about how managing and reducing stress will have a significant impact on your female hormones and thyroid health.

Dr. Morley will share insights about how self care, nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture and vitamin therapy can help balance your hormones and therefore improve your overall wellbeing.

avatar for Dr. Tamzin Morley, ND

Dr. Tamzin Morley, ND

Dr. Tamzin Morley is a licensed naturopathic doctor. She is a primary health care provider with a practice in Kamloops, BC. Dr. Morley has a focus in women's health, digestive health concerns, mood disorders, sleep issues and skin issues. She uses a variety of naturopathic modalities... Read More →

Saturday June 22, 2019 3:00pm - 4:00pm PDT
Hearthstone Location: Hearthstone Hotel - Morrisey Conference Room

4:30pm PDT

Solomon Speaks
Limited Capacity filling up

Join Stephanie Banks and her counterpart, Solomon, for an incredibly uplifting, inspiring and profound hour of messages from Spirit! Messages from the non-physical realm carry a vibration that has the potential to create instant, long lasting change while offering a fun loving and lighthearted atmosphere which will envelop your entire being!

Since her near death experience in 2012, Stephanie has been channeling a collective consciousness known as Solomon throughout Canada, Europe, Central America and the United States.

Bring your questions and enthusiasm, as this is a unique opportunity to receive guidance directly from spirit about life, death and beyond.

avatar for Stephanie Banks

Stephanie Banks

Awaken with Stephanie Banks
Stephanie Banks is an award winning author, inspirational speaker, channel, medium and Reiki Master.  Prior to Stephanie’s near death experience in 2012 she led a life directed by modern day terms that lacked depth and clarity. Following her encounter with death, her life transformed... Read More →

Saturday June 22, 2019 4:30pm - 5:30pm PDT
Hearthstone Location: Hearthstone Hotel - Morrisey Conference Room
Sunday, June 23

8:00am PDT

Authentically Empowered Woman
Limited Capacity seats available

For women who are ready to trade in the life they're "supposed" to live for the life they were MEANT to live!

* Bring a pen, paper, and willing heart; we're doing the work together!

~ Create your BIG Vision of your authentic Self.

~ Get Crystal Clear about what Drives & Motivates you.

~ Discover & Define who you really are & how you want to show up in your life.

~ Identify conflicting behaviours & actions holding you back from authentic empowerment.

~ Consciously create fulfillment by designing an Aligned, step-by-step Action Plan.

~ Begin intentionally living your Purpose.

~ Set yourself up for Success.

avatar for Justine Steel

Justine Steel

Justine Steel is a Transformational Life Coach & Conscious Living Mentor.  Her passion for living consciously (not perfectly – make no mistake!), and inherent drive to use her knowledge and experience to guide others – to become who she needed – is the catalyst for her mission... Read More →

Sunday June 23, 2019 8:00am - 9:00am PDT
Hearthstone Location: Hearthstone Hotel - Morrisey Conference Room

9:30am PDT

7 Keys to Manifestation
Limited Capacity filling up

Learn the 7 keys to Manifesting EVERYTHING you desire
Money, opportunities, soulful relationships, the business of your dreams- if can ALL be yours!

In this workshop you will
  • Learn your own unique manifestation style
  • Learn the #1 thing that keeps stopping your from manifesting (it's probably NOT what you think)
  • Get absolutly clear on what manifesting is and how to use it to create what you want
  • Get the exact tools you need to take your dreams, vision and ideas into physical form!
There is a lot out there about manifestation, in this interactive workshop we're going to wrap is all together in simple, clear exercises and rituals so you can start alchemizing all of your dreams and vsions!

You will walk away with your own compelete manifestation blueprint and the tools you need to put it into place.

avatar for Brittany Gill

Brittany Gill

Brittany Gill Wellness
Brittany Gill is a transformational business coach. She helps ambitious women with big visions transition from their 9-5 day jobs to build soulful businesses that allow them to work less, make more money, and live on purpose by making an impact in the world. She has been in the wellness... Read More →

Sunday June 23, 2019 9:30am - 10:30am PDT
Ballroom Location: Sun Peaks Grand Hotel - Ballroom C\D - upper lobby level

11:00am PDT

Women's Sacred Cycle
Limited Capacity seats available

It seems we all know someone who's struggling through painful period symptoms, infertility or difficult perimenopause, ourselves included, but this no longer needs to be the norm.

With a focus on women's reproductive and menstrual health, from a holistic, educational and nurturing aspect, come and learn what's 'normal' and what's not, what your body is trying to tell you and natural remedies to relieve those 'unlucky you' symptoms.

Sounds intriguing right! Grab a friend, come for the talk and receive an addition bonus (you'll love this one!)

avatar for Karen Barber

Karen Barber

Karen is a local businesswoman with a passion for reproductive and menstrual health. Through training as an Arvigo Maya Abdominal Massage practitioner and her own personal journey, she has found her specialty.Her work passions are all about relieving abdominal discomforts and holistically... Read More →

Sunday June 23, 2019 11:00am - 12:00pm PDT
Hearthstone Location: Hearthstone Hotel - Morrisey Conference Room

1:30pm PDT

From Slave to Sovereign: Keys to Feminine Freedom
Limited Capacity seats available

Sovereign -noun- a person who has supreme power or authority Have you ever felt like a slave to your subconscious? Have you ever acted so out of alignment that you regretted it immediately? Did you know that 80-90% of your perception and life experience is dictated by your subconscious and that most of your core beliefs are developed by the age of 7? In this workshop you will discover the 7 stages of sovereignty, learn to identify your blocks to freedom and autonomy, and receive tools to reclaim control over your own life!  

avatar for Ima Naviah Rose

Ima Naviah Rose

ImaNaviah Rose has been described as “a tremendous channel for healing and activation.” Facilitator – Artist – Muse – Mystic - Mother – Catalyst - Her passion for metamorphic evolution and empowerment is the driving force inspiring her life’s path and medicine journey... Read More →

Sunday June 23, 2019 1:30pm - 2:30pm PDT
Hearthstone Location: Hearthstone Hotel - Morrisey Conference Room