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Nicole Albisser

In her twenties, while working for a big corporation in Switzerland, someone started offering Yoga and that was the beginning of a big shift in Nicole's Life Journey. Ever since then Yoga has been part of her life but after leaping into the adventure of moving to Canada with her husband and two babies, yoga became her anchor.

Yoga gave her the confidence, the belief and the trust that all would be ok, even in a new country and starting completely new.

Soon it became clear, it was the beginning of a new chapter. So after taking her Yoga Teacher training, she knew she was meant to continue on this journey. Living by the lake and her love for the element of water, she soon discovered Stand Up Paddling. Having been a competitive Swimmer for many years, the combination of Yoga and Water was the perfect Recipe!

With Nicole's classes on the water, she shares not only the technique and support to feel safe and confident on the boards but also the beauty of finding the connection to nature, gliding across the water in balance and strength and then ending in a peaceful session of yoga and floating RELAXATION.